Mike Mills

I got to work with this beautiful man today. He was every bit as awesome as you would imagine!

My improv team, HMS Death, which does a semi-dead form called the Deconstruction was honored with “Best New Show” (or Best New Team – we aren’t even sure) at the Del Close Awards this past Monday. We were up against some really fantastic teams and we feel great about the victory and the work we are doing.

Along with the packed house of peers there was one outsider in the group, a reporter from the LA Weekly. He did a piece about the show and featured a few of the winners. He rightfully mentioned my old teammate Echo Kellum for all of his success. Well earned success at that; it’s rare to meet someone so humble, funny, and kind, he really is a great dude.

I also had the last work in the article, which is always fun. Check it out, it’s a great piece.



About a year ago I was looking to make a poster, I had no clue how to do it and I wasn’t about to buy Photoshop without knowing if it was something I would ever use.  I downloaded a freeware version though, to take it for a spin. It’s called Gimp and it sat on my computer for a year without being touched.

Recently I auditioned for an iO West House Sketch Team, I won! then I realized nobody on my team knew Photoshop so I decided to learn. A little. A very little. So some patchwork from the the internet, MS Paint, and mostly Gimp I made our posters. Here is the player version:

Olivier Gondry

So I got to work with Olivier Gondry and it was pretty, pretty rad. He was a super nice guy, you should really go check out his work, it’s amazing.

I’ll post the commercial into my videos page when it’s released.

MS Paint

A few days ago I decided to make a very special deal, I would draw new a “cover” for anyone who was on Facebook’s new timeline and I would charge only $1. It’s the best deal in town.

@JessicaLee says; “(it’s the) Best $1 you’ll spend in 2012!”

@mikeschramm (of TIPOAA) said; “Colin drew me a picture and I drank some beers.”

The rules are as such (a) nobody can request anything (b) I’ll draw whatever I feel like drawing and (c) I will put your money to good use.

My fiancee’s profile picture is here on a blanket in the park, this fills it out:

This next guy is looking up in his profile picture, think that explains it:

This is Mike Schramm writer for TUAW, Joystiq and podcast superstar from TIPOAA:

Next is my friend from Hawaii, and somehow Denver Bronco fan:

This guy said “Paint me like one of your French girls,”;

This guy likes basketball, comedy, and corgi dogs:

She owns a dog:

This dude is from Texas and likes sports:

This bro crashed his motorcycle and was all in stitches and broken shit for a long time:

Psychologically speaking.

The one magazine I subscribe to is Psychology Today. When I read books they tend to be about stats, figures, and most of all studies. Any Malcolm Gladwell book works for me! He goes and pulls weird studies and slams them together in an easy to swallow pill. It’s great.

Lately though I’ve been doing my own research about different disorders, ones that I had never heard of before. My new “favorite” is reduplicative paramnesia. I won’t lie, a big reason is the name is overwhelmingly fun to say, it pops out of your mouth with the same ease a Snickers goes pops into your mouth.

Rather than trying to explain it just go to the link above, afterall, I studied Music Industry in college so my explanation would fall well short. While your interest is piqued check THESE out.

Del Close Awards

Last year I started improvising and a few weeks later there was this weird night at the theater where they were giving away awards that made zero sense to me. I didn’t know the teams, players, and the inside jokes were lost on me. Try as I did, I never ended up filling out a ballot because it felt dirty.

This year though, I am personally nominated for “Hardest Working Intern” and my team “First World Problems” is up for Best Non-Harold Team. It’s pretty unbelievable. We are nominated with teams that are hugely influential on my style of improv and shows that I would gladly go watch any time of any day. When people make that stupid comment about how much of an honor it is to be nominated I sort of get it, and yes, I realize full well that this is not the Academy Awards – it’s an award show that was created 5 years ago as, what I imagine, was an excuse to get the community together for a fun night.

John Conroy created the event and I offered to help film things this year, or at least organize a film crew. Because I threw my hat in the ring he pulled me in and we sat one day over an afternoon beer and discussed the awards, the silliness of some of them and the teams/players. It was fun, so I took the next morning and wrote down some jokes about the categories and emailed them over. The next day we shot Damien Fahey and Grasie Mercedes, reading the script that I co-wrote. It was pretty awesome.

This is the result:

iO West

Somewhere around this time last year I brought a friend to the bar, we had a beer and I convinced him to start taking improv classes with me. 7 levels later, some-50 0dd weeks, 3+ nights a week – we finally graduated last night. I have mixed feelings about it, I’ll certainly miss the structure of practicing with a group I’ve come to know so well over the past year, I’ll miss the pointed teachings of the amazing instructors, and I’ll miss the social aspect of it all. On the other hand, it’s 2 free nights a week, with which I can do anything I want. I’ve already started to book stand up gigs to fill that mini-void.

What I really wanted to say here though is this, if you’ve ever toyed with the idea of taking improv classes, if you’ve ever wanted a little release from the daily grind, or you want to start acting, or you just enjoy laughing – run! Run to iO West or a training center near you. DO NOT HESITATE. My only single regret is that I did not start sooner.

An overwhelming majority of my best friends have come from this past year. They are smart, funny, and together we’re all working towards greater industry goals. The networking aside – you’ve got nothing to lose and an entirely new world to gain.


Tom Kuntz

What an amazing experience it was to work with Tom Kuntz!!! He’s an amazing director, the set was a great time and I can’t wait to see the commercial which airs overseas in August.

You can read about him here.

LA Improv Festival

Just before Christmas of last year I joined a cage match improv team, First World Problems. We went on a run of 21 weeks in a row (a new student record at iO West) and in that time were able to play 7 other cage matches, all of which we won.

The biggest of all was at the Los Angeles Improv Festival where we took the 2011 title for CageMatches. I’m proud to look at our trophy atop the bar at iO West. Check the calendar for upcoming shows.